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How do naturopathic doctors empower people to take charge of their health?

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​​​• The healing power of nature
• First do no harm
• Find and treat the cause, not only the symptom
• Always treat the whole person, not just their disease
• Education
• Prevention

Preventive Naturopathic Care • Traditional Chinese Medicine • Acupuncture • Colon Hydrotherapy


is guided by six foundational principles:

Our staff of Naturopathic Physicians are experienced and knowledgeable.

We believe in personalized care that focuses on the individual and their goals.

 ​Our mission as a natural healthcare facility, is to encourage wellness in each and every person.

We work with our patients to eliminate the underlying factors in the disease process to restore

balance and optimal health- today and for years to come.​ 

Naturopathic doctors work to identify underlying causes of illness, and develop personalized treatment plans to address them. They believe you know your body better than anyone else, and will ask you detailed questions not only about your symptoms, but also about your environment, living situation, mental health and family history in order to understand what might be causing your symptoms.

Naturopathic doctors will use diagnostic tools such as detailed health, disease, and prescription drug histories, physical exams, and targeted laboratory testing and imaging when assessing your needs. Then, when a treatment plan is being considered, naturopathic doctors will want to make sure you know your options and will collaborate with you on decisions regarding your care.

An important underlying principle of naturopathic medicine is “doctor as teacher.” Naturopathic doctors will often spend 30-90 minutes with their patients and also want you to ask questions and interact with them to make sure you thoroughly understand your overall health, chronic issues you might have, or diseases for which you might be at risk.

Equally important, naturopathic doctors will work closely with you over time to help ensure your success. For example, they might help you shift your mindset to make and sustain lifestyle changes or modify your expectations about how quickly you will see improvement. As an empowered patient, here’s how you can help naturopathic doctors help you:

• Get to know yourself and your body better so you can provide detailed

   information about symptoms and how you feel

• Try to answer questions you’ll be asked about all aspects of your life and

   lifestyle as honestly as you can
• Be prepared to ask questions of your own, engage in a dialogue about your

   health, and participate in decision-making about treatment options.

Bottom line, what you choose to do can make as much or more of a difference to your health than any decisions even the most knowledgeable and skilled naturopathic doctor might make for you.