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Welcome to the Center for Natural Medicine, LLC

The Center for Natural Medicine is a full service, Connecticut licensed Naturopathic clinic providing a wide spectrum of natural family medicine. Treatment plans are individually and uniquely prescribed based on the medical necessity of each patient.

Our mission as a natural healthcare facility, is to encourage wellness in each and every person. Today’s medicine is symptomatic and reactive. Determining and eliminating underlying factors in the disease process, as well as, using prevention is the medicine of the future.

Naturopathic medicine is…

  • Traditional medicine

  • A blend of natural therapy with current advances in diagnosis and treatment

  • Based on the premise that the human body can heal itself

  • Concerned with finding the underlying as well as immediate, cause of illness

  • Treatment for the whole person (evaluating physical, mental, emotional, nutritional, environmental, genetic and lifestyle factors)

  • Prevention and treatment of disease through education, early detection and risk factor analysis

  • A safe, less expensive alternative or adjunct to long-term health care and many kinds of non-emergency surgery

  • An active commitment to your good health

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